Not gonna lie, fp+ is pretty rad (and pretty chill).

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Neon of Tomorrowland Against… on Flickr.

I’m so excited that I’m full time!

When I moved down here, I moved with the intention of working only part time (since we all know that Disney loves to only hire part time workers). At the time, the people I knew who got full time had to wait on a longgggg waiting list before they ever got it. Anyway- I moved down with the intention of working part time, so I have a pretty low rent which I will be able to make in one paycheck (granted I work at least 40 hours that week). That means I’m going to have 3 weeks worth of pay out of every month that I can use for whatever I want.

WHICH MEANS I WILL BE ABLE TO GET THE D4 IN NO TIME!!! Yes- The d4, lenses lenses lenses, an apple computer, and within the next 3 years I’m going to try to get a new car in the works. I love my car, though, so there’s no rush there.


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"You Unlock this Door with… on Flickr.

Take It When You Get It by Norm Lanier on Flickr.

Cinderella Castle & the Orange by TheTimeTheSpace on Flickr.